Tickets and passes soon on pre-sale

Tickets and cinepasses already on sale for the online shows streamed at

Tickets and cinepasses are valid only for ONLINE SCREENINGS and can only be bought online.
Should cinemas open, tickets and cinepasses will not grant you entry to the in-person screenings in Lumière Cinema.

NOTE: Online shows can only be accessed from Slovakia and will only have Slovak subtitles.


You can choose from:


This cinepass serves as a festival pass that grants you access to all online screenings at

  • How does it work?

    Register in the MyCinepass system, purchase a cinepass (you will receive a “Virtual Card”), and you will receive an access code to all sctreenings.

  • Online shows

    Online shows can be accessed 20 min before screening. In case of technical difficulties please contact technical support at . Click on 'Vstup do virtuálnej kinosály' at and enter your access code.

  • Cinepasses are non-transferable

    Cinepasses are non-transferable. Each access code can only be used on one device.

Single-entry tickets 3 €

If you decide a cinepass is not for you, you can always buy single-entry tickets. Tickets are on sale only online via MyCinepass or

To watch online shows, go to and enter the access code on your ticket. The code will be deactivated once it has been used.
You also don’t need to register to purchase tickets – but if you do, you can rate films and shows and track your festival history. If you have already registered with another festival, you can use your login information.

We hope you welcome these changes and help us bring true festival spirit to Hory a Mesto / Mountains and City 2021 on May 19 - 23 at KINO DOMA.

So what has changed?

1. The biggest change from previous years is free seating - tickets do not have assigned seats, as is common at other film festivals. The earlier you arrive, the wider choice of seats you have. At certain screenings, some seats are reserved for invited guests, the film delegation, or the festival jury. Such seats are marked “reservé”; please don’t sit in them.

2. Entry to a screening is granted only to visitors with a valid cinepass, accreditation or single-entry ticket. Admissions usually begin 15 minutes before showtime. Priority entry is granted to holders of single-entry tickets for the given screening and cinepass holders/accredited guests with a reservation for the given screening. If there are seats available five minutes before showtime, the usher will admit valid cinepass holders and accredited guests without reservations. Note that tickets and reservations expire 5 min. before show time, and the festival may admit other visitors without reservations in your place. This is to ensure that sold out shows are indeed sold out, even if visitors with tickets or reservations fail to arrive. But don’t worry, if there are seats available after the show starts, we will let you in 😊. Just make sure you arrive on time – our shows do not start with 15 min. of commercials. Also, our guest speakers will appreciate it.

We hope you welcome these changes and help us bring true festival spirit to Hory a Mesto / Mountains and City 2020 on March 25 - 27 at CINEMAX Bory in Bory Mall.



  • What does the MyCinepass reservation system do?

    The MyCinepass system is aimed at all festival visitors, making it easier for you to manage your reservations and buy tickets. All you have to do is register to create your own account, buy a cinepass and enjoy the festival. If you have already created a MyCinepass account at a different event, simply log in.

  • What is a cinepass?

    A cinepass is a festival pass that grants you entry to 5 public festival screenings, as long as there is still available seating. A cinepass acts as an entrance ticket – no additional ticket needs to be obtained for entry. You can buy a cinepass using the MyCinepass reservation system or at a registration point for the entire duration of the festival. Cinepass holders are entitled to entry to 5 festival screenings in the following cases:

    • If they have a reservation for the given screening and arrive at the venue no later than five minutes before showtime.
    • If not, reservation and ticket holders are admitted first. If capacity allows, cinepass holders without reservations will be admitted no earlier than five minutes before the screening begins.
  • How do I buy a cinepass through the MyCinepass reservation system?

    Pre-sale of cinepasses via the MyCinepass reservation system begins on February 27, 2020. To purchase a cinepass, proceed as follows:

    • 1. Register in the MyCinepass system by filling in the registration form. After registering successfully, you will be automatically logged in and given access to the purchase section. If you have already created a MyCinepass account at a different event, simply log in.
    • 2. Purchase a cinepass and review your billing information. The MyCinepass reservation system requires a MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron or Diners Club International card to make purchases online. Other payment methods are not supported. Each visitor can only purchase a single cinepass on their account.
    • 3. Upon payment, you will immediately receive a “Virtual Card”. This is a temporary cinepass that you can use to make reservations (in accordance with the applicable terms) as soon as they are available in the system.
      Virtual Card will not grant you entry to screenings. For that, find a registration point (located in front of the CINEMAX Bory Theatre) when you first visit the festival, and ask our staff to issue you your plastic cinepass card. Your cinepass will already hold all of the reservations you’ve made up to that point. This service is free of charge.
  • What is a reservation? Do I need to make one?

    Reservations can be made by any cinepass holder. Since most shows have a limited capacity, we recommend reserving a seat in advance. Seats can be reserved through the reservation system or at festival box offices/reservation points up to one hour before the screening begins.
    The simplest way to reserve a seat is by using our MyCinepass system. Once you create an account, you can buy a cinepass and reserve seats for films online, without having to wait at a registration point. You can also ask our colleagues at the registration point to help you with making a reservation.
    Cinepasses can be purchased via the MyCinepass reservation system starting on February 27, 2020. We will post and update the list of films and shows in the reservation system before the pre-sale starts. You will be able to make reservations as soon as the pre-sale is available.

    The reservation system allows a maximum of five active reservations per cinepass. Reservations can be made for any public festival screening at any time up to 60 minutes before show time, as long as there are still seats available. All unused reservations and tickets expire five minutes before the screening begins.
    Reservations cannot be made for free screenings and events.

  • What is a single-entry ticket?

    This type of ticket can be purchased before a screening or via the MyCinepass reservation system. It is valid for a single screening.