“Hory a mesto - Mountains and City” Annual Festival of Mountain Film and Adventure is the biggest mountain and adventure film festival in central Europe and a sister festival of Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). The Festival's goal is to approach the outdoor communities and city people and to offer them films and multimedia presentations dealing with mountain sports and mountain culture. The Festival also offers a platform for the exchange of ideas between filmmakers, outdoor activists, and the public, while at the same time supporting the most artistic and effective ways of communicating outdoor-related issues.

The main 5-day event takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia in April, followed by a series of outdoor screenings in the summer and a festival tour around 13+ Slovak towns in the fall.

Throughout our existence we have hosted the biggest outdoor stars in the world including:

2023 : Czechoslovak stars : Anna Hanuš Kuchařová, Jozef Krištoffy, Vlado Porvazník, Gusto Štibrányi
2021: local stars like Mountain Lovers, Juraj Koreň and Martin Navrátil
2020: cancelled 🙁
2019: Tommy Caldwell, Mára Holeček, Laura Dekker
2018: Nina Caprez, Aaron Huey, Maurizio Giordani
2017: Kevin Jorgeson, Adam Ondra, Ines Papert
2016: Kurt Diemberger, Daila Ojeda, Gregg Losinski, Alberto Rizzi
2015: Sasha DiGiulian, David Lama, Maurizio Oviglia
2014: Tommy Caldwell, Silvia Vidal, Adam Pustelnik, Ola Dzik, Harald Philipp, Mára Holeček
2013: Alex Honnold, Manolo, Adam Onda, Hans Rey
2012: Lynn Hill, Olaf Obsommer, Lutz Eichholtz
2011: Beat Kammerlander, Tommy O'Neill, Jessu Guthrie, Adam Ondra, Piotr Pustelnik
2010: Dean Potter, Krzysztof Wielicki, Hansjorg Auer
2009: Chris Sharma, Steph Davis, Thomas Oehler
2008: Alex Huber, Doug Scott, Adam Ondra
2007: Alain Robert, Klem Loskot
2006: Heinz Zak, Timmy O'Neill
2005: Jeff Lowe, Josune Bereziartu, Simon Yates
2004: Thomas Huber, Will Gadd, John Sherman
2003: Jim Bridwell, Peter Habeler, Silvia Vidal
2002: John Bachar, Alex Huber, Nazir Sabir
2001: Jerry Moffatt, Krzysztof Wielicki
2000: Silvo Karo, Alek Lwow