Natália Bokníková

Born and raised in Bratislava, Natália moved to Starý Smokovec in the High Tatras to run a café and tea shop U Vlka with her friends. For many years, she worked for the Mountains and City Festival and its sister festival VIMFF in Vancouver, Canada. As a programming coordinator, she watched with pleasure every film submitted to the festival. And now, as a juror, she will watch with pleasure all the films the programming team selected for the film competition and will add her voice to the jury’s decision.

Martin Ciel

Doc. PhDr. Martin Ciel PhD. (SAV, SFÚ, VŠMU) is a film theorist and critic. He gave lectures in New York, Prague, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Minsk and published several books: Film. Ilúzia a akcia (1992), Odborná reflexia filmu na Slovensku (1997), Pohyblivé obrázky (2007), Metódy a možnosti analýzy filmového obrazu (2011), Film a politika (2017), and numerous studies in journals and conference proceedings. He is a programming consultant for several international film festivals. and when he’s not in a cinema, he likes to read and ski.

Maria Coffey

Maria Coffey is an internationally published author of twelve books, including three on the theme of mountaineering and extreme adventure. Following the death of her partner Joe Tasker on Everest, Maria wrote her first book Fragile Edge which won two prizes in Italy, the 2002 Premio Letterario Nazionale “Leggimontagna”, and a Special Jury Prize at the 2002 Premio ITAS del Libro de Montagne. Where the Mountain Casts its Shadow (2003) won the Jon Whyte Literature Prize at the 2003 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival and a 2004 National Outdoor Book Award. Following the publication of Explorers of the Infinite, Maria was honored with the 2009 American Alpine Club H. Adams Literary Award.
Originally from the UK, Maria lives with her husband, veterinarian and photographer Dag Goering, in British Columbia, Canada. Expedition kayakers and world-wide explorers, they are the founders of Hidden Places, a boutique adventure travel company, and Elephant Earth, which advocates for elephant welfare and conservation.

Samuel Jaško

MgrArt. Samuel Jaško ArtD. was born in 1977 in Nitra, Slovakia. He studied Photography at ŠUV in Bratislava, Documentary Film at FTF VŠMU in Bratislave and Film Directing at HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg. In 2004, he participated in Berlinale Talent Campus.

2002 - Kuchyňa (documentary)
2003 - Obyčajnosť (documentary)
2004 - H4X0R (documentary)
2005 - Sny 30 (documentary)
2006 - Kurva (documentary)
2007 - 24 (documentary)
2007 - Papierherzen (documentary)
2012 - Nomádi (documentary)
2013 - Slzy a smiech (documentary)
2014 - Čierna a biela (documentary)

Pat Morrow

Pat Morrow is an adventure photographer based in Invermere, British Columbia and has worked on magazine, book and corporate assignments, and video documentaries worldwide for 35 years. Pat was the first to complete the climber’s version of the Seven Summits (as documented in his book Beyond Everest), and received the Order of Canada for his photographic and exploratory work in Canada and abroad. Pat also received the Summit of Excellence award from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and is an honourary member of the Alpine Club of Canada. He and wife Baiba are honourary Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and now concentrate their volunteer efforts on the environmental organization Wildsight. Pat has also pre-screened thousands of films for the Banff Mountain Film Festival since its inception, and sat on the jury of 5 other international mountain film fests.

Pat catches up on his reading at Chomolhari base camp near the end of the 30-day Snowman trek in Bhutan.